Tatiana Blass participates in the group show "Sound and Silence"

Tatiana Blass (1979, SP) participates in the group show "Sound and Silence" at Kunstmuseum, alongside Gillian Wearing, John Cage, Laurie Anderson and Yoko Ono.

In a broad panorama of media comprising installations, performances, videos, photographs and drawings, the exhibition makes the sound of silence perceptible in many different ways: as monotony, repetition, pause, overlapping and cluster. Booming stillness and ruined sound appear in the interplay between meditative immersion and compelled silence, revealing ambivalent expression of meaning and meaninglessness.⁣

More about "Metade da fala no chão - Piano surdo, 2010", featured on the show, and works from the gallery's collection: galeria@galeriamillan.com.br. ⁣