Regina Parra selected for SP-Arte 365

Regina Parra (1984, São Paulo) was selected by the curator Carollina Lauriano for SP-Arte 365, in partnership with the Preview platform. The proposed curatorial axis seeks to create a multiple narrative that finds the body as a place of experience and construction of subjectivities, considering its limits and possibilities that go through confrontations and subversions of gender that respond to the social normative.

According to Lauriano, the work by Regina Parra selected for the occasion, "Aurora (Que espécie de coragem?)" (2020), deepens this discussion through the relationship between vulnerability and strength of the female body, reaffirming the image as a place of investigation of its own power. The title of the work refers to the character Aurora, from the play "Os sete gatinhos", by Nelson Rodrigues. In recent years, Parra has devoted her works in painting to female characters from renowned plays, such as Ophelia (Hamlet), Bacchae (Euripides), Winnie (Beckett's Happy Days), and, finally, Aurora.