MUSEUL*RA, duo formed by Rodrigo Andrade and Link Museu participates at exhibition

MUSEUL*RA, a duo formed by Rodrigo Andrade  and Link Museu participates in the exhibition DIZER NÃO. Created by Adriana Rodrigues, Edu Marin, Érica Burini and Thaís Rivitti, the project puts art in the center of the public debate about the current political moment in Brazil and has the support of a crowdfunding.

"Rodrigo Andrade does not question the individual potency of his color masses (...) The libido, the driving energy of every action, is embodied in these geometric forms waiting for a detonator. The contact between them and their surroundings will activate this energy. The result is a curious process of singularization that takes place through exchange and contamination. In a way, these blocks rehabilitate the everyday space, in which a limited and somewhat impoverished experience of the world prevails, bringing the strength of a more vital experience."
- Taisa Palhares, in the publication "Rodrigo Andrade", Cosac & Naify, 2008