Miguel Rio Branco integrates group show at Museu Afro Brasil

The installation Transe 1 by Miguel Rio Branco (1946, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain) is part of the group show Terra em Transe at Museu Afro Brasil — one of the largest photography exhibitions ever held in the country. Curated by Diógenes Moura. After the 1st edition in 2018, the exhibition arrives in São Paulo updated and expanded, with the addition of themes such as the wildfires in Pantanal and Amazonia forest, Brumadinho disaster, Cinemateca's fire and the social tragedy caused by the pandemic.

In Emanoel Araujo's words, museum director and curator: "it is an old desire to present Terra em Transe here, which discusses visceral themes of Brazil, spotting light to the country's social, racial, and political injustices. It is an opportunity for the public to get to know important Brazilian photographers, but also to rethink the national reality from a new, necessary, current, and forceful point of view.