Jaider Esbell, curator of group show at MAM and invited artist in the 34rd Bienal

"Moquém - Surarî: contemporary indigenous art", curated by Jaider Esbell, Makuxi indigenous artist also invited to the 34th Biennial, takes place at MAM São Paulo as a joint organization of the two institutions.

The show brings together drawings, paintings, photographs, and sculptures by artists from the Baniwa, Guarani Mbya, Huni Kuin, Krenak, Karipuna, Lakota, Makuxi, Marubo, Pataxó, Patamona, Taurepang, Tapirapé, Tikmu'un_Maxakali, Tukano, Wapichana, Xakriabá, Xirixana, and Yanomami peoples. According to the curatorial body, contemporary indigenous art time is not a hostage of the past, but rather mobilizes it in the present to reconfigure enunciative positions, power relations, and civilizatory impasses.