Emmanuel Nassar participates in the exhibition "Língua solta"

The work “Égua” (image above) by Emmanuel Nassar (1949, Capanema, PA) participates in “Língua solta”, the first temporary exhibition that also marks the reopening of the Museu da Língua Portuguesa, in São Paulo, Brazil. Curated by Fabiana Moraes and Moacir dos Anjos, the group show is composed of a set of artifacts - including objects from popular and contemporary art - that anchor their meanings in the use of words.

Emmanuel Nassar's work is essentially placed through painting and the amalgamation of different media, which include canvas, wood, glass, flags and metal plates, among others. His practice evokes notions of primitivism and industrial precariousness that go back to his roots in Northern Brazil, which he at the same time laments and praises in a scathing way.