Emmanuel Nassar integrates reopening exhibition in MAMM

Emmanuel Nassar (1949, Capanema, PA) is on view at the reopening exhibition of Murilo Mendes Art Museum (MAMM) at Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora, Aquisições Recentes 2018.2021. Organized by Paulo Alvarez, author of the presentation text.

"I don't just do whatever I want, I do what strikes me too, I rely on external factors. A sailor has to respect the wind, the storm. I don't go against the tide, and not necessarily to where I think I should. A sailor has to be humble to recognize the moment to wait and to know how to stop and go forward, how to have a firm hand at the right time. In painting, it's the same thing, not to get molded, but to act at the right time, respecting the external conditions."
— Emmanuel Nassar

For more information about the artist, visit Emmanuel Nassar's page here.