Artur Barrio participates in group show at Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven

Artur Barrio participates in the group show By the Sea - Land Art, Performance, Minimal Art at Kunsthalle Wilhelmshave, which brings together artists from Europe, United States, South America and Asia, whose practices have rediscovered countryside, forest and sea as subjects of artistic research. The curators intend document, above all, ephemeral works from fields of performance, Conceptual Art, Minimalism and Land Art.

The exhibition is followed by an extensive programme with talks, performances, guided tours, live speakers and outside walks. By the Sea is a continuation of the project Through a Forest Wilderness, an excursion into art history focused on actionist art and the forest that was presented in 2018 in Berlin’s Grunewald.

For more information about the artist, visit Artur Barrio's page here.